Complicated problems require ambition and coordination to solve

We're building an ecosystem of regenerative tourism start-ups. Individually, each start-up solves a major problem. But together, our start-ups seek to completely transform the industry.

Step One

Consumer activation:

Building a groundswell of support for responsible tourism
Building a community of 1,000,000 sustainable travel enthusiasts across Africa.
Returning $1B of tourism revenue to sustainable lodges/hotels previously lost to international intermediaries.

Step Two


Supporting tourism operators to be regenerative
Help 10,000 African hotels & lodges go green by selling them $2B worth of sustainable & locally sourced products
Building the most carbon-friendly hospitality supply distribution business in the world

Step Three

Supporting conservation:

Driving tourism dollars to support conservation and biodiversity efforts
Drive $1B of funds directly into local conservation.
Drive $500M of business to eco-friendly hotels and lodges across Africa.
Support the digital infrastructure of Africa’s sustainable lodges/hotels necessary to manage $10B of bookings revenue.