Complicated problems require ambition and coordination to solve

We're building an ecosystem of regenerative tourism start-ups. Individually, each start-up solves a major problem. But together, our start-ups seek to completely transform the industry.


Regenerative tourism pillars

PEV is building an ecosystem of regenerative tourism startups that collectively solve gaps in the tourism value chain across Africa, while accelerating transformative impact on the continent.

Supporting conservation:

Building a community of 1,000,000 sustainable travel enthusiasts across Africa.

Environmental Prosperity Pillar

The natural environment is at the center of tourism in Africa; we must ensure that tourism strengthens ecosystems and biodiversity. As an industry, we must also meet our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and create resilience in the face of climate change.
  • - Natural environment: Protecting and restoring natural environment and ecosystem services
  • - Biodiversity: Strengthening biodiversity conservation and protection.
  • - Climate change: Reducing carbon footprint.

Corporate Governance Pillar

Tourism can only fulfill its responsibilities towards society and the environment when it employs good governance practices. We work with our startups to ensure compliance and integration of good governance in company policies and operating procedures.

Portfolio regenerative tourism strategies

Step One

Consumer activation:

Building a groundswell of support for responsible tourism
Building a community of 1,000,000 sustainable travel enthusiasts across Africa.
Returning $1B of tourism revenue to sustainable lodges/hotels previously lost to international intermediaries.

Step Two


Supporting tourism operators to be regenerative
Help 10,000 African hotels & lodges go green by selling them $2B worth of sustainable & locally sourced products
Building the most carbon-friendly hospitality supply distribution business in the world

Step Three

Supporting conservation:

Driving tourism dollars to support conservation and biodiversity efforts
Drive $1B of funds directly into local conservation.
Drive $500M of business to eco-friendly hotels and lodges across Africa.
Support the digital infrastructure of Africa’s sustainable lodges/hotels necessary to manage $10B of bookings revenue.

Summary of Material Regenerative Impact Focus Areas by Companies Under our Portfolio

Improved and enhanced local livelihoods Enriched traditional cultures Decent and productive workforce Strengthened responsive supply chains Protected and restored natural environment and ecosystem services Strengthened biodiversity conservation and protection Carbon footprint eliminated Enhanced circular elimination of pollutants and waste Enhanced good Governance practice
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